About Me


img_0508My Name is Andy and I live in Casper Wyoming. I have been married since 2004 and have 3 beautiful daughters.

I took 4 trend computer programming in High school and hated it. got board with the clock I created with a computer. I decided computers were not for me until 1995 when I started to use a computer for the first time. I always had a love for cars and figuring things out.

I had a model railroad at one time, played the Clarinet thru High School and College, cycled everywhere when I was younger, and have done alot of different jobs which taught me a ton about everything in life. I am what you could call a jack of all trades but master at computers. I have Programed, repaired, Built computers. I became a computer tech in Jan of 2000 and that is when my real learning about computers came into play.

I did start somewhere so there was a time I knew very little about the computer. Just keep that in mind as I will attempt to keep this site as simple as possible.